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Patrick Bradley: Press

“Instrumentals have a language of their own. About half the songs on this project are me just having fun with my axe. I sat down and played… and things just clicked.” So says, Patrick Bradley about his debut CD COME RAIN OR SHINE. Don’t misunderstand though… Patrick Bradley is no musical novice. Only eight years old when he first began playing keyboards, his background spans virtually every musical genre imaginable: Smooth Jazz, jazz, fusion, gospel, inspirational, funk, progressive rock, classical… they are all in his repertoire. He spent years touring Europe until family commitments took priority and he settled in Chicago. A successful business career with Whole Foods Market never distracted Patrick from his musical passion; he’s continued to write and play music in tandem with his work for the innovative grocery store chain. Dedicated to his wife, the recording’s opening track, “Come Rain Or Shine” celebrates the ups and downs of the relationship Patrick calls “the most valuable thing to me on the earth.” His love and devotion come through with every joyful note. Eric Marienthal’s soaring sax is like icing on an already delicious cake. With its improvisational groove, “Streetwise” has a freshness and sparkle to it that is hard to resist. Offering a touch of melancholy. “Mending Fences” has a delicate melody line that is both elegant and heartrending. One can only hope that COME RAIN OR SHINE is only the first of many musical outings Patrick Bradley has up his sleeve. ~BETH LEWIS
Beth Lewis - Smooth (Nov 3, 2007)